Daily Ogle

The daily visit to this site is refining my view of what is out there and helping me think about what space I want and all the givens and druthers. I am starting to think that this form of living is going to be the best and most likely option for the short term future. Plans for an own build home are still the primary objective and reading around buying land and getting planning permission could take up to 10 years so the boat would be a good stepping stone and as I have said before some thing on the bucket list.

Still finding my blogging legs and working out what and how much to put down, I am wondering how many people use it as an online diary but it is one of the things that I wanted to do as then in the future I look back and see where I have come from both physically and metaphorically. I started out thinking that I would write warts and all but am realising that even I don’t want to read “today I got up and had a cup of tea” oh there’s an idea whilst slaving over a hot keyboard but I do want to keep the flow of thoughts and progress as sometimes it’s the small things that matter and the daily life is just as important as the big moments.

I have come up with the hundred pound jar (well I hope it will contain 100 coins) which as you you would expect it is a jar that contains one hundred pound coins. I thought that in line with the one pound challenge I would use it as a small starter project so that once I get to hundred I will pay it into a savings account and then carrying on building from there. Right where can I make my first pound!



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