Pallet Pile

This morning was spent collecting a pile of 7 pallets from a freecycler near by and managed to get at least 80% of it out in “good” condition the rest will go on the fire and as we live out in the back of beyond and the utilities can get piped gas here we are fighting our way through the winter on solid fuels and timber I can scavenge, really could do with a small chainsaw. The wood will come in handy for finishing off my workshop bench and building some more storage shelves and the drawers for the bench. If I have any left over I am going to look at making some little boxes to sell on to raise a bit of cash towards the starting a new life fund! I have my eye on some more at a local building site so will have to make enquires to see if I can lift them. I also need to build a pallet pal to help dismantle the pallets quickly and easily so I don’t end up slashing myself to bits.

I did wonder about building a house out of pallet wood but then this would be probably a foolish idea given the the climate better move on to more suitable materials or even alternative modes wonder how many I can come up with.


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