Bright ideas

LlangollenCanalSmallLying awake early this morning I have been churning around in my mind all the options I have been looking at since starting out on this journey and at times have felt overwhelmed but the sheer weight of possibilities and underwhelmed with my abilities to achieve the end goals but a couple of things that stand out and they are that owning land and building ones own home is a very lengthy processes that are not necessarily easy or successful however it is ultimately something I want to get too but in the meantime I am looking at alternative living projects. Another branch taken was looking into van living this however doesn’t feel a good fit for me and the levels of uncertainty and stress would be unacceptable, however potentially a motorhome on a static site might be an option.

Whilst visiting friends last year seeds were sown when they took me to a local canal and sparked off some thoughts of alternative living. At the time I was in the process of selling off my bricks and mortar house due to having to sell to avoid repossession and also wanting to downsizing my financial burdens at a time when I had/have no income. After an initial surge of optimism I came away full of ideas but without having any grounding or knowledge of living on a boat. I was taken with the slow pace of life and thoughts of summer cruising and on the down side pondered thrashing out winter in what I thought would be a cold damp cell. Whilst browsing around Twitter I came across this channel that has a lot of information that normally you cannot find and answering a lot of the concerns I had. One of my main concerns was being able to manage the boat single handed. However I now find that there are many resources not only online but offline too. One thing I have been considering is looking at volunteering locally well I say locally it is still a ways off, for the CRT as a volunteer lock keeper, I don’t know why but I find locks hypnotising and have been fascinating since I was a kid, as this would be a good introduction to the waterways without having to lay out hard cash where I could learn the ropes or should that be windlass.

This moves me on nicely to another filed topic that I heard on the radio earlier this month. It really got me thinking how could I start financing my future life. Hats off to the guy and an interesting story and something I have thought for a long time but never put into the practice. Although I don’t have the same conditions, there are always possibilities to create the conditions to generate income in such ways. Ok the night recedes and its time to get up and go go go.. well not maybe that much as tea is needed first.


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