Mind mapping

MyPlanAfter playing around with some ideas I created a mind map, this works for me and have used many times in my working life. It can help with all sorts of things and creative thinking. Obviously each branch can be sub-divided to allow for more clarification, but i like to keep things simple and then use lists as additional refinement. Often times flip board charts have led to impromptu plan and project creations and also and as important in my view the adaptation of current plans. In fact it is harder to adapt a plan than it is to come up with one in my view as the lines have been set and changing peoples and ones own perceptions is the hardest task. The times I have scribbled on back of envelopes etc when looking for an alternative view or way. This map is a simple, top level plan and obviously there is way more to be done to carry this out but part of know the destination is knowing the journey. More work needs and will be done on this over the coming months and years but for the time being I have a blueprint of sorts to start out on.

I am now looking at how best to live for nothing to start off with but the plan is to build enough income to live life. There is so much information out there and each turn creates another just as interesting. More subjects to add to the lists. One thing that is amazing is that no matter what you want to find out there is an online community, what did we do before the internet.

Weather seems to be taking a turn for the better and hopefully more mood raising I am looking forward to seeing the beginning of spring, but at least the nights are getting shorter now.


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