greydaysmallSo begins another weary day and such a contrast to yesterday which felt like spring was on it’s way and the sun was starting to get its warmth back after a long winter. Walking through the local parks with SiL and dog just made me feel I am ready to move on but where, when and how are the pressing questions however something I still cannot address for the time being. I am slowly reading through my book (4HWW) and like most things in life it is common sense on the whole just looked at from a different angle. It certainly makes sense in a lot of ways but I need to read more to find out the meat of the proposition for “a new way of living” But I am certainly buying into the ideas and notions of smaller and smarter living. Time to go home and start decluttering and banging stuff on that well know online auction site which should help fund some mini projects I have in mind. Its amazing what crap I have accumulated over the years. How many pairs of socks does one need? I particularly like these and plan to use a few more to get all the crap into one place. A journey of a thousand steps etc.. At times is seems like life is at tortoise plod rather than a hare’s charge in fact as an uncle use to say flying is like hours of boredom interspersed with seconds of sheer terror seems to fit the bill at the moment. After a lovely break with family time to head back to the frozen wastes but some positives are that I have some pallet wood to collect that I will be turning into some in the future. Ahh the joys of Freecycle

One of the things I have been thinking about is taking some courses in such things as welding, joinery  and electrician training as these will be useful skills for house building, its all about planning for the future. So back to the book, well after I have fixed a nieces computer..


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