Bedtime reading


Bit of bedtime reading to get me started.

Sometime ago I was given this by a family member and it lay forlornly unread for quite some time. Starting this blog triggered off a memory of receiving it and thinking yeah another self help book my relative(s) like to give me sporadically, however this fits nicely into the current ethos and may have useful info in it. I have however been listening to Tim Ferriss’s podcast for a while where I for some reason didn’t equate the two and where I have heard much interesting, informative, bizarre and down right weird stuff that the book should be a good read and help get some ideas fermenting. As Satchmo said, “we have all the time in the world” well I do at the moment just need to find money making schemes to fund my new way of life without having to go back to the rat race. In the mean time it can help to dream can it? Now that the day draws to a close and I promised myself I would read at least one page before sleep descends time to sign off, however tomorrow should be interesting, with some DIY, rice pudding and a visit to a museum..


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