Tsagaan Sar

This morning we are off to SiL’s to join her for Tsagann Sar and are staying over night so this means the Aga will need relighting on our return. After yesterdays shenanigans with almost being gassed by bilious clouds of blue smoke it will be a good opportunity to check it over and give it a good clean. The Aga is something I have pretty much grown up with and have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. Having come back to the familial home I had forgotten its ways and the need for constant attention not like a gas or electric ovens that I have been so use to. How ever the food coming out of the oven seems to taste so much better but I digress. I am still working out what I am wanting to do with the content of the blog and at the moment it seems to be an aid memoir for various projects, however two days in is hardly time to start obsessing over its direction.

Looking round interwebland I am still trying to work out best form of shelter on my return to civilisation. In the running are tiny house, narrow boat or camper van. Each has its pluses and minuses and given money is key here I have to look at all options in fact I have looked into flat sitting and other nomadic options till I can get a more permanent option. In fact there are quite a few interesting alternative living options worth investigating this will of course mean ultra tiny living..


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