Tiny living

One of the ideas behind setting up my blog was to look at ways of living once I finally move on from here and my relatively new found world of tiny houses and tiny living. One of the most profound effects on my thinking was seeing a TEDtalk on youtube that changed my whole perspective on things and came at a time where I had just sold my conventional house. Due to lifes up and downs I had purchased the house back in 2001 and lived in it for all of probably about three years over the next 14. Of these three years the house was treated almost like a hotel apart form the fact I filled it with junk that I didn’t need or was given. Amazingly when I got the house people offered me all sorts of items that not until some time later I realised that they were offloading their junk to make space for more ‘new’ stuff to fill their houses. I was not happy there and soon moved away to rented accommodation with work and although I was paying rent on living elsewhere I was still paying the mortgage. Yes I know it was stupid and all the rest of it, with hindsight etc etc etc.. but it taught me one useful lesson and thats to be somewhere where you want to be. I guess I just didn’t see that and due to the downward spiral that must of started at around the same time I just wasn’t aware of it and the choices I was making. But looking around the internet and delving more and more into the world of tiny living realised that this was a way of life I want to lead, not just down to the financial reasons but also the desire not to perpetuate a consumerist way of life.

Step forward fourteen years and I am now in a position where I can decide my own destiny finances allowing to move on to a sustainable life. Some of the worries and concerns that I will have a comfortable old age come from the fact that I will have little or no income apart from a very meagre pension so I have a limited time to either increase income or increase capital savings. The later is obviously the better path and one I intend to take as the idea of going back to the rat race is not one that fills me with joy.

With age comes wisdom so they say and that is something I have learnt rather later in life more to my detriment, however theres no time like the present and on good days I have been planning my future, today is a good day!


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