First Posting

I have been thinking about doing this for a while and as most of my life is spent around computers and computing it seemed a logical progression to use the social media and blogging platform as a stepping stone for my online diary of everything rather than sit and write on paper only to be lost at some point distant. In fact that sums up somewhat of what I want to achieve with this blog in that is and will be a container of thoughts, things, places, projects and much more. I treat this as a note to self in that I hope to look back and see my life journey in more clear aspect than before.

A number of events have lead me to this point and for the moment I will not elucidate suffice to say that the glass has definitely been half empty. In order to move on from the current position there will have to be some pretty major changes and entering the two score year and ten is somewhat daunting. Life seemed so carefree and easy progressing in young adulthood, however as the years have gone by things have got a lot more complicated.

This is in no way a rant, moan, whinge, cry for help far from it. Although struggling with a dose of depression and hopefully getting on top of it I am more trying to look forward to a positive future and this blog is hopefully going to aid that. I have always felt that I am a positive person and always been told that I am responsible and reliable one. Well thats all until things went a bit wobbly.

Amongst other things I am thinking hard about my future home once this one comes to an end and not only do I want to not own a mortgage but I don’t want to have to share space with strangers. To that end I am looking at number of possibilities and although these need money doesn’t harm to plan.

However my primary goal at the moment is getting fit and healthy I have a long way to go but have equally come so far. At the moment I am on a bit of a blip but view this rather as such and not a trend partly due to the time of year and taking ones foot off the gas pedal.

Ok, so I have made a start and who knows where this is going, but hopefully somewhere positive.



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